IMPACT Live! is the interactive online social multimedia portal of AMATYC. Feedback responses from presentations at the 2017 AMATYC National Conference helped shape the ideas regarding the online presence. It will include practical help in implementing the standards and be searchable in a variety of ways, particularly using keywords. It will contain electronic resources in various formats such as blogs, communities, news, lesson plans, worksheets, projects, and videos and will link these sources back to IMPACT. It is a portal that will provide opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous interaction between members as well as a go-to resource.

The links below take you to different chapters in the IMPACT Document.

About the Project


Chapter 1 - Making an Impact

Chapter 2 - Who Are We?

Chapter 3 - Proficiency

Chapter 4 - Ownership

Chapter 5 - Engagement

Chapter 6 - Student Success

Chapter 7 - Continuing the Ripple

Chapter 8 - Implications for Research

Chapter 9 - IMPACTing the Furure